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Welcome to Whole Wellness Shop, Your Journey to Whole Wellness starts here!


My name is Misty Wiesneth, and I am a devoted mother of four wonderful children. I am a health and wellness expert, Certified Primal Health Coach and student in Master Herbalism. Whole Wellness Shop was created as a result of my own personal health and wellness journey. I experienced eye opening and life changing results during my path to health and wellness. The changes were so significant that I decided to share my story and inspire others to take control of their health.

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If you are visiting my page, you are likely in a position I found myself in a few years back. I was overweight and having health issues that doctors could not solve for me. I felt helpless and frustrated. I could not lose the weight due to the physical restrictions that I had developed as a result of my unexplained medical issues. I spent several years just going through the motions of what was anything but “Living”.  I tried almost every diet I could think of and even visited weight loss doctors. However, I could not get the results I was looking for to live a full and happy life. The pivotal moment for me was when I didn’t have the energy to play with my children, I felt sick and drained daily.  I counted calories and measured food. I took weight loss prescription pills and tried many “fad” diets. I would lose some weight and gain it all back and still my medical issues were unexplained and undiagnosable. I had almost given into the idea that I was just not capable of thriving due to my medical issues and I just needed to accept that being ill and overweight was just my life.  However, with encouragement from my husband, I decided to take my life and health in my own hands! I moved away from the traditional SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle and into a Whole Food based diet.  By adopting this lifestyle, not only did I lose 105 pounds, I reversed my unexplained medical issues.

I had no idea that eating whole and primal could change my life. I was so inspired with my own journey that Adam and I decided I would go back to school and get Certified as a Primal Health Coach and Master Herbalist so that we can share our journey and the resources we learned along the way to help others thrive. This lifestyle is not a diet or a fad. It’s not a magic pill, nor does it require you count calories and everything you put in your mouth. This lifestyle does not require chronic exercise and ridiculous fitness routines to achieve results. Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it. I am a busy mother of 4 that maintained a high demand career while implementing these changes.

I am not going to “sugar” coat it. Any change is hard! It can seem overwhelming and scary to take that step. BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT! You can reprogram your life and take control back!  No one should have to suffer the way I did.  Allow me to share what I have learned along the way so that you can live a healthy and whole life. Whole Wellness Shop provides the education and support to take back your life. I understand that healthy habits are difficult to create and sustain, even when one is well informed and reasonably motivated. Our program will motivate and inspire lasting change to make this lifestyle journey both simple and sustainable in today’s modern world.


You are not alone! I understand the feeling of defeat and hopelessness. I have been in your shoes and walked the path you are currently walking now. I have taken that journey myself and successfully taken my life back. I believe you are worth it! I am inspired to help you make a change in your life! I encourage you to take control and live the best life possible!  I am here to walk that path with you. 

Primal Nutrition and a Holistic approach can change your life; it can give you hope if you’ve been discouraged, and it can make your health and even weight loss effortless and enjoyable. If you’re ready to make a change in your life, please contact me! I’d love to be your partner, your coach and your biggest supporter on your journey to optimal wellness.


My approach to Whole Wellness is a holistic approach based on Integrative Health Coaching techniques, like integrative medicine, it is a healthcare approach that places You at the helm and I work to align the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental influences affecting  your health.

As your Health Coach, My goal is to be your catalyst in your journey to optimal health and Whole Wellness!


An individual plan of ACTION to activate your vision of Whole Wellness that is realistic and practical as well a sustainable

GUIDANCE to implement the changes and address all obstacles/barriers present so that your journey to Whole Wellness will work with your unique lifestyle

SUPPORT to course correct and stay on track with empowerment strategies, setting into motion practices and habits that will help you reach your goals with the least amount of struggle and sacrifice

ACCOUNTABILITY for your Whole Wellness Goals to help keep you on track for your commitment to yourself

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